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Mini Beauty Routine Body

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PERFECTA Collection, always carry it with you! Ideal for treating the most common body skin concerns.

● FIRM-UP – 30 ml
Toning and shaping serum, stimulates the production of new Collagen fibers to restore the tone and firmness of a young and healthy skin.

● EXTREMA – 30 ml
Anti-cellulite reducing concentrate, stimulates the microcirculation guaranteeing a progressive improvement of the annoying “orange peel” effect.

● OCEAN MASK – 30 ml
Shaping body mask with hyperemizing action, fights cellulite, reduces localised fat areas and makes the skin toned and firm.

● CRIOGEL – 30 ml
Draining gel perfect to treat leg fatigue, it quickly removes tiredness from the legs and gives a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Treatment with a strong exfoliating and regenerating power, promotes cell renewal thanks to the high concentration of Vitamin C acting in synergy with smoothing salts.

Inside a 20% off coupon code valid for the purchase of products contained inside the Box in full size.

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