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A super hydrated skin is the key to a healthy and lasting tan.
A super hydrated skin is the key to a healthy and lasting tan.

We all know how important hydration is for our skin, but we often forget about it, especially during the summertime.
For several reasons, physiological and environmental ones as well, the water retained by skin cells tends not to be sufficient especially during summer, when our skin is more exposed to the sun.

The sun, in fact, however pleasant it may be, can cause irreversible damage. Unprotected sun exposure or a choice of sunscreen products not suitable for your skin type, can compromise your skin structure, causing blemishes such as dehydration, erythema, inflammation, age spots and premature ageing.

In order to avoid these damages and promote an impeccable and long-lasting tan without redness and burns, it is necessary to choose a sunscreen adequate to your skin type that also has a very high moisturising power.

Additionally, after sun exposure, a super moisturising after-sun treatment will help restoring proper hydration and keeping your skin elastic and radiant.

It is therefore essential to be able to recognise the needs of our skin and understand them without forgetting that they can vary depending on the season: let’s quench our skin thirst in summer and nourish it in winter!

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