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Beauty is in your hands!
Beauty is in your hands!

Taking care of your hands is important to keep them always hydrated, young and beautiful.

Also, do not forget that your hands reveal your age even before your face does! Consequently, hand care is always essential to prevent and slow down the appearance of imperfections and skin concerns.

Your hands are continually subjected to the action of irritating and atmospheric agents, which threaten the integrity of the skin at all times; just think of the aggressiveness of the ingredients present in cleaning products or the harmful action of cold weather and UV rays!

In winter, hands are the first to feel the cold, as they tend to dry easily. For this reason, it is recommended the application of specific products that reduce the evaporation of cellular water and contribute to replenishing the correct lipid supply to the skin.

Moreover, hands are washed very often without paying much attention to the type of detergent used, which therefore risks to further attack the skin and weaken the hydrolipidic layer. UV rays and the action of the wind can also alter the integrity of the fibres supporting the dermis and sometimes cause the onset of hyperpigmentation.

After understanding what the risk factors for our hands are, let’s discover together how to take care of them in the best way. Cleansing first of all. Cleansing your hands is a crucial step for your health and must be done correctly and with the right products in order to not damage the skin and the hydrolipidic layer that covers it. The choice of suitable products must therefore be on delicate formulations that respect the physiological pH and prevent bacterial infections. Hydrate, nourish, protect. Because our hands lack of sebaceous glands, they need extra nourishing products. DERMO28 offers UNICA MANI, a moisturising formula rich in glycerine, allantoin, antioxidant vitamins, panthenol and natural butters. In addition to nourishing and moisturising the skin, our formulation also contains substances such as vitamin C and bearberry that can fight and minimise the damage caused by UV rays.

If you don’t want your face to reveal your age, why should your hands?!

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