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Environmental pollution, the passage of time and hormonal changes are the main causes of ageing. In addition to creating harmful free radicals, they cause the slowdown of cell turnover resulting in skin thickening, loss of tone and dehydration. UNICA is the anti-ageing Collection that takes care of your skin in all its aspects.
Created and implemented by the DERMO28 R&D Laboratories in collaboration with the prestigious Department of Dermatology and Venereology of the University of L’Aquila, UNICA tackles skin ageing with the best dermocosmetic technologies available on the market.
The many revitalising, renewing and stimulating actions allow to treat all types of skin ageing and give your face a new and relaxed appearance.

    • Mini Beauty Routine Antiage

      72.4% 75.9029.00 104.90 29.00

      The ultimate beauty routine that works 360° on skin ageing Technical Description: The kit contains: UNICLEANSER 30 ml Soft cleansing cream ideal for removing impurities and make-up, leaving your skin hydrated and nourished. REGOLATORE pH 30 ml A toner with normalising action, it restores the natural acid pH of the skin. UNILIFT 5 ml Anti-ageing lifting serum, it donates an…

    • UNICLEANSER 200ml


      Soft cleansing cream ideal for removing impurities and make-up, leaving your skin hydrated and nourished. Thanks to its pool of active ingredients, ensures elasticity and firmness, stimulating the production of new Collagen fibers. Deeply cleanses Stimulates Collagen and Elastin fibers production Gives brightness to the skin


      36.4% 33.8059.00 92.80 59.00

      Love your skin also when you travel The kit contains: UNICA 30 ml Anti-ageing absolute treatment, it attenuates and prevents the signs of ageing, moisturising and brightening the skin. UNICA BODY 50 ml A cream that nourishes, firms and shapes your body. UNICA MANI 30 ml Beauty hand treatment, it nourishes and hydrates the hands, fighting the signs of ageing…

    • UNICA HOME THERAPY 4X12,5 ml


        A hint of Spa in the intimacy of your home. An intensive anti-ageing treatment that deeply exfoliates, moisturises, plumps and brightens your skin. It promotes cellular renovation. This unique product of professional beauty represents the entire philosophy of DERMO28. It stimulates the cellular turnover It reduces and treats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles It leaves your skin…



      A real boost of youth and radiance. Intensive serum that exfoliates, moisturises and brightens your face. Your skin will appear rejuvenated and smoother and it will reveal its glowing complexion! It treats and prevents the signs of ageing It encourages a deep cellular renovation It ensures radiance and oxygenation

    • UNICA MANI 50 ml


      Ideal for the instant beauty of your hands. It is not a common hand cream, but a real anti-ageing treatment that prevents and treats the signs of ageing, guaranteeing nourishment and an intense hydration. Its lightweight texture is easy to absorb. It nourishes and moisturises your skin It prevents signs of ageing It leaves your hands soft and protected

    • UNICA BODY 200 ml


      A cream that nourishes, firms and shapes your body. A moisturising and anti-ageing body lotion that also help to stimulate the microcirculation of your blood, helps improving liquid drainage and guarantees firmness and brightness. Deeply moisturises and nourishes It stimulates Collagen and Elastin production It firms and tones your skin By buying this product Dermo28 Cares will donate the 10%…

    • UNILIFT 15 ml


      The perfect answer to everyone’s wish for a healthy, young and fabulous skin. A weightless, silky serum ideal for an intensive and long-lasting lifting effect. A perfect blend of active ingredients moisturises in depth and provides your skin with compactness and firmness. Instant lifting effect Deeply moisturises It smooths and treats fine lines and wrinkles

    • UNIEYE 15 ml


      A rich lipogel that provides strong benefits and treats the skin around your eyes. It performs an intense lifting effect while ensuring a nourishing and moisturising action. Your skin will appear radiant, supple and deeply revitalised. It brightens and nourishes your eye area It firms and tones your skin It reduces and lifts wrinkles

    • UNIMASQUE 75 ml


      An anti-ageing treatment mask that ensures a refreshing, firming and relaxing effect. A concentrate of beauty that helps recovering a soft and radiant skin; it effectively treats the signs of ageing and fatigue. It prevents and treats the appearance of signs of ageing It deeply moisturises and oxygenates your skin It leaves your skin fresh and firm

    • UNICA 50 ml


      The best product of the DERMO28 technology. A cream that donates a soft and silky effect to your skin and provides the most advanced global programme against cutaneous ageing. Your skin will appear perfectly protected and deeply moisturised, with an instant effect of smoothness and brightness. It treats and prevents the signs of ageing It leaves your skin radiant and…

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