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Optimal hydration is at the basis of an always beautiful and healthy skin. A correct amount of water keeps the vital functions of the cells active, slowing down the ageing process.
All the formulations of this Collection protect your skin from daily environmental aggressions and strengthen your natural skin defences.
AQUA was created to give elasticity and deep hydration to all skin types.
Designed and implemented by the DERMO28 R&D Laboratories in collaboration with the prestigious Department of Dermatology and Venereology of the University of L’Aquila, performs an intense antioxidant and protective action.



      An intensive mask that moisturises and soothes your skin, it restores radiance and firms to the skin from the first application. It preserves long lasting freshness and comfort. It ensures optimal hydration It sooths redness and inflammation It leaves your skin soft, fresh and smooth

    • AQUA HOME THERAPY 4X12,5 ml


      A hint of Spa in the intimacy of your home. A moisturising treatment that ensures cellular regeneration thanks to a deep exfoliation. This unique product for professional beauty represents the Dermo28 philosophy. It promotes cells renewal It deeply moisturises your skin It makes your skin smooth, soft and supple  

    • CREMA ACIDA 75 ml


      Perfection in one product. Its exclusive rebalancing formula is essential for anyone looking for an unblemished skin. The correct skin pH enhances the natural skin defences, promoting beneficial action to prevent and diminish redness and inflammation. It rebalances your skin’s correct pH level It sooths redness and inflammation It increases your skin’s natural defences

    • REGOLATORE PH 200 ml


      A specific lotion that helps maintaining the correct balance of your skin’s pH. Its particular formula protects and preserves from environmental aggression. Replenishes and rehydrates while preparing your skin for treatment. It preserves the natural pH level of your skin It prevents inflammations It firms and revitalises your skin

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