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How to take the best care of your skin in autumn
How to take the best care of your skin in autumn

Few weeks has begun the fall season, one of the most critical for our skin. Autumn is indeed the time of the year when the damage caused by sun exposure is most noticeable, and in the cities the spikes of pollution are caused mainly by the traffic that returns to be intense after the summer. For these reasons the passage from summer to autumn is a delicate moment for the skin, that has to be treated better in order to avoid damage caused by external agents. So let’s see how we can take care of it with the advice of our Beauty Specialists.
Since sun and summer heat tend to thicken the skin and favor the appearance of dark spots, it is important to use products that keep the skin hydrated and elastic.
For body care, we recommend Perfecta Home Therapy, which, thanks to Dead Sea salts, exfoliates gently by eliminating dead cells and brightens and regenerates the skin, nourishing it deeply thanks to the power of Vitamin C. For the face, which needs some extra attention, it is crucial to adopt a complete beauty routine.
Returning from holidays is frenetic for everyone and often we do not have time to go to our beautician who, with professional treatment, would know how to take care of our skin in the best way. However, we can advise you to use Unica Home Therapy, a unique home treatment that you can comfortably get home once a week. The Synergy of Fruit Acids exfoliate the skin softly, making it even, elastic and more prepared to absorb the active ingredients of the products that will be applied later on.
Between one treatment and the other, to encourage the proper cycle of cell renewal, we recommend the daily use of Rejuvenating Complex, a regenerating serum suitable for all skin types. Even in this case the presence of Fruit Acids, Glycolic and Salicylic, allows a physiological exfoliation, removing the dead cells present on the skin surface, promoting the cell renewal process in depth and giving the skin a bright and toned appearance. Do not forget, after a light or intense exfoliation, the application of a moisturiser, so that the skin can regenerate and be nourished in the right way. Because of this time of year requires a lot of energy, our beauty advice is to use Futura, an energizing cream rich in specific active ingredients to rebuild the skin’s hydro-lipidic barrier and maintain the correct hydration level.

Get ready for the season change with this beauty recipe, all the products are waiting for you on our online shop.

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