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If temperatures drop, protect your skin!
If temperatures drop, protect your skin!

Temperatures are decreasing? Get ready for rednesses, chapped skin and dehydration, all harmful to our skin. The thermal shock due to season change can be traumatic for the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to protect it adequately, especially in the areas that tend to be most exposed to the cold such as face, lips, ears and hands. When the temperatures drop, the skin barrier, which is formed of water and lipids and that naturally protects the skin, begins to thin out, causing annoying imperfections. During the cold season, we should also pay more attention to pollution and smog because the polluting micro-particles can deposit on the skin, making it easier for the harmful free radicals to form.

To be able to best treat our skin, we must first know it well: skin that tends to dry quickly, during winter will require a higher level of hydration. On the other hand, oily skin will need little hydration, but a very protective treatment. However, regardless of the skin type, the problems related to cold weather are the same for everyone. Let’s now find out what they are and how to treat them best.

One of the most frequent phenomena during the cold season is that of “chilblains”, a problem linked to a peripheral vascular deficit, consisting of skin nodules and sometimes even in real epidermal blisters. To protect your skin it is necessary to apply a treatment that uses vasodilators and that repairs the skin barrier, such as the COMFORT Professional Experience.

There are also urticaria (hives) triggered by the cold and also telangiectasias (spider veins) caused by the decrease in temperature that stimulates the presence of certain proteins in the blood. It is therefore advisable to protect the skin with the most suitable cosmetic product that strengthens both the capillary walls and the skin barrier, such as the products of the COMFORT Collection, made specifically to treat the most sensitive skins.

Another very exposed area to the adverse weather are our lips, for which we recommend a preventive action with the use of extra nourishing creams applied very frequently. Soothing Formula is the perfect solution! This soothing balm maintains optimal hydration while preventing skin cracks. In addition, the application is also recommended on lips that are already damaged, as it has regenerating properties able to reconstruct the skin barrier.

The eye area is also very exposed to atmospheric agents. Being this area of the face the one with the thinnest skin, when the air is particularly cold and dry, it can dry easily, making frownies more evident. It is therefore necessary to use an eye cream capable of repairing Collagen and Elastin fibers, such as Gentle Eye Cream.

We must never forget to consider the action of UV rays that, penetrating also through the clouds, can damage the skin favouring the appearance of skin spots and accelerating the photo-ageing process. Since the cold on mature skins can emphasise wrinkles and frownies, a high protection should always be used to avoid accentuating them more. The goal of Skin Defense SPF50 is precisely to protect against UV rays by fighting the signs of ageing.

Finally, in winter it is recommended to use a foundation cream not only to even out the complexion but, above all, to further protect the skin from the cold. Blemish Balm was designed for this: in addition to giving a uniform colour, it is able to maintain optimal hydration, protecting the capillaries from vasoconstriction and fighting the damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

If temperatures drop, protect your skin with DERMO28!

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