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Step into our DERMO28 Laboratories! Discover how we treat wrinkles and loss of tone
Step into our DERMO28 Laboratories! Discover how we treat wrinkles and loss of tone

Ageing is a biological process influenced by various factors, both environmental and genetic. It may be impossible to stop the biological clock, but it is instead possible to prevent the formation of wrinkles and minimise skin imperfections. The ageing of the skin is articulated by a set of physiological alterations that determine the loss of hydration, the appearance of wrinkles, the loss of elasticity, the hyperkeratosis and the formation of hyperpigmented spots.

At the level of the epidermis, ageing occurs with the reduction of the basal layer and its consequent thinning. The activity of melanocytes, responsible for the production of melanin, also decreases.

At the level of the dermis, on the other hand, the number and function of fibroblasts are reduced, responsible for the production of Collagen, Elastin and GAG (Glycosaminoglycan), among which is Hyaluronic Acid. Even the glands reduce their activity with the consequent reduction of the sebum and an increase in dryness of the skin. The most obvious signs of skin ageing are wrinkles, which caused by a decrease in levels of Collagen, Elastin and subcutaneous fat that gives tone and firmness to our skin.

To fight all these phenomena it is appropriate to use a synergy of multiple active ingredients that work on the different aspects of ageing. NUTRIAGE, guarantees excellent results, supporting the skin from the deepest layers thanks to its specific active ingredients, such as:

  • Plant Stem Cells – cells with the ability to transform into different types of cells and adapt to perform any type of function. Apple active stem cells have a rich content of phytonutrients and proteins able to curb the ageing of epidermal cells and increase their life span. Apple stem cells are able to penetrate the dermis by stimulating the fibroblasts and activating the biochemical processes responsible for skin regeneration that can reduce facial wrinkles.
  • Yeast bioelements – a substance capable of restoring oxygenation to the skin’s fibers, improving its metabolism. The regenerating and revitalising action gives the skin the firmness and tone of a young and healthy skin.
  • Plant bud extracts from Fagus Selvatica – derived from beech, they have stimulating and firming properties. Known since ancient times, beech also has antiseptic and astringent properties so as to keep the skin texture homogeneous and compact.
  • Stabilised Vitamin C – Ascorbic acid has many properties besides being known as an antioxidant. First of all, it is able to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase by fighting the formation of age spots, it has an effective action against free radicals, fighting the damages that they could cause to other organisms. Vitamin C also has an important influence on the production of collagen, responsible for skin firmness.
  • Saccharide Isomerate – a natural substance found in the stratum corneum that binds keratin tightly and has a moisturising effect. It has a high affinity with the skin and can easily penetrate its surface. It has excellent moisturising and anti-irritant properties that can fight the most common skin ageing phenomena.

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