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Today’s woman lives a very hectic life and this leads her to divide herself between multiple commitments and activities that absorb much of her time and energy. Being liked and appreciating yourself is essential for living well, but too often we take care of our body only when the imperfections are visible.
DERMO28 offers practical, fast and effective solutions, perfect for preventing and treating all the most common skin concerns of the body.
Watch our videos and follow the advice of our Beauty Specialists to have a perfect body.

PERFECTA HOME THERAPY is a smoothing and nourishing treatment based on Sea Salt, Vitamin C and Shea Butter that leaves the skin soft and regenerated.

CRIOGEL, anti-fatigue cooling gel. The solution to make our legs smile.

If you have time for yourself and want to experience the effects of a complete beauty routine, discover all the essential steps for a summer-proof body.

Feeling good in your skin, having a harmonious and toned body, increases self-esteem and confidence, with a consequent psychological wellness that will reflect positively on all areas of your life.

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