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Anti – Aging Body Treatment

Anti – Aging Body Treatment


A professional experience specific for your body, studied and built to fight skin ageing and loss of tone.

Since skin tone is closely linked to the correct function of the dermal tissue, it is important to maintain good hydration levels both at a superficial and deep level. Moreover, the integrity of elastic fibres, such as collagen and elastin, and a correct supply of nutrients and oxygenating substances, is fundamental because with the passing of time, or following significant weight loss, our skin tends to lose its tone progressively.

This treatment is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids which, together with functional active ingredients capable of stimulating epidermal renewal and hydration, promotes an anti-inflammatory and soothing action thanks to the water-soluble molecules of panthenol. The innovative mix of active ingredients such as beech, stimulating on collagen, vitamin C, antioxidant and essential fatty acids, moisturising and toning, is able to restore the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

For an optimal result, follow with the home-treatments most suitable for your type of skin.

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