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Skincare routine for important occasions!
Skincare routine for important occasions!

A special event, a ceremony or an anniversary are all important occasions in which you’d want to look particularly beautiful and well groomed. To do this, in addition to a perfect makeup and an elegant dress, you have to show off a flawless skin!

Since last minute miracles don’t really happen and in order to have a healthy and beautiful skin, it’s important to take care of your skin constantly throughout the year, it is still useful and pleasant to have an intensive treatment two or three days before your special occasion to prepare for the best.

These treatments contain a higher concentration of active ingredients that are assimilated by the skin more slowly, making the result visible just after 2 or 3 days. We are talking about masks and exfoliators that should be part of your beauty routine throughout the year, but which in these situations are crucial.

The use of an exfoliator, for example, removes the outer layer of oxidised cells, giving the skin a bright and healthy appearance. For a hint of SPA always handy, DERMO28 has created Home Therapy, which in addition to fighting skin thickening and stimulating cell turnover, also address the main skin concerns that may arise on the face. Unica Home Therapy, suitable for the most mature skin types, thanks to the vitamin C minimises age spots and, thanks to the oligoelements, fights the signs of ageing. Even if your skin is sensitive, don’t give up on exfoliators, Comfort Home Therapy has been especially formulated for you! Free of preservatives, fragrances, dyes and common allergens, gently exfoliates, giving the skin a healthy and smooth appearance.

If your skin requires hydration rather than exfoliation, there are also super-moisturising masks able to provide proper nourishment to the skin, such as MASCHERA SOFFICE and VITAL MASK.

To be at the top, start preparing your skin in the afternoon. If you haven’t exfoliated your skin in the days before, worry about exfoliating it as soon as possible, in order to let the redness disappear. If you have followed our advice and you did the treatment in the previous days, avoid further exfoliation so that your skin will not be subject to excessive stress. In this case, it will be sufficient to cleanse it properly with a cleansing milk and toner to remove impurities and keep it fresh and moisturised. This last step is essential to ensure that your makeup can last longer!

Elegant clothes often leave legs, chest and arms uncovered. For this reason, in addition to the face, it is also necessary to think about the body. Use a smoothing scrub like Perfecta Home Therapy before taking a shower. It will remove superficial dead cells and give brightness to your skin thanks to the synergy of pure and stabilised vitamin C and sea salt.

Finally, immediately after the shower it is advised not to rub the towel on the skin, but rather to pat dry in order to avoid possible irritations.
Now your skin is ready to get all the benefits of the products of your daily skincare routine and for your makeup for your important occasion!

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