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Piel sensible y con alergias

Tratamiento Comfort
Sensitive Skin

COMFORT SENSITIVE SKIN AND COUPEROSE Sensitive and easily reddened skins, with problems such as capillary fragility and couperose. The substances contained are able to perform a soothing, anti-redness, vasoprotective and antioxidant activity. Thanks to the synergy of Glycolic, Lactic and Mandelic Acid, this treatment is able to stimulate cell renewal. This action, for sensitive and reactive skins, must be particularly…

Comfort Treatment
Allergic Skin

COMFORT COMFORT REACTIVE AND ALLERGIC SKIN: This professional experience is specifically advised for sensitive, reactive and allergic skins as it is free from preservatives, common allergens and fragrances. The substances contained in this treatment are able to improve and enhance the natural skin defences, in particular Ceramides and Fatty Acids. For an optimal result, follow with the home-treatments most suitable…

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