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Treatment Of Personal Data


According to the law, this treatment will be based on principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your privacy and your rights. According to article 13 of the GDPR 2016/679, therefore, we provide you with the following information:

Who holds your personal data?

TUTTESTETICA S.r.l. is the owner of the personal data sent and is therefore responsible for the processing of data provided online, in accordance with the applicable data protection law.


Via M. D’Azeglio, 19

40123 Bologna


VAT number: 03334251208

Where are personal data stored?

The data we collect from users are stored within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) but may be transferred and processed in a country outside the EEA. Any transfer of personal data will be carried out in accordance with applicable laws. For transfer outside the EEA, TUTTESTETICA S.r.l will use the standard contractual clauses and the Privacy Shield as appropriate guarantees for those countries that have not received an adequacy decision from the European Commission.

Who has access to your data?

Your data may be made accessible to employees and collaborators of TUTTESTETICA S.r.l, in their capacity as persons in charge and / or internal managers of the processing and / or system administrators.TUTTESTETICA S.r.l does not transfer, sell or exchange the personal data of users with third parties for marketing purposes. Data submitted to third parties are used only to provide our services to you. The categories of subjects for each type of processing are shown below.

How are your data used?

The requested information will be used for:

  • Allowing access to the reserved area of the site, and the eventual completion of the order with consequent invoicing and shipping, with feedback via e-mail. TUTTESTETICA S.r.l may, where necessary, communicate its personal data to professionals, consultants and couriers, exclusively to perfect the aforementioned purposes. Any refusal to communicate the requested data prevents the provision of the service itself;
  • Sending via e-mail, post and / or sms and / or telephone contacts, newsletters, commercial communications and / or advertising material on products or services offered by TUTTESTETICA S.r.l and survey of the grade of satisfaction on the quality of services;
  • Start a conversation through the “chat” of our customer service. In this case the requested information (name and email address) will not be used for any commercial purpose but only to guarantee an adequate customer assistance service.
  • Sending push notification with Lilomi service 
  • Provider
    • Lilomi, inc.

    Contacts management and message sending

    Personal information collected
    • Cookie
    • Usage data
    • Unique identifiers of devices for advertising (e.g. google advertiser id or idfa identifier)
    • Geographic location
    • Language
    • Various types of data as specified in the Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy
    OneSignal is a messaging service provided by Lilomi, Inc.

    OneSignal allows you to send messages and notifications to other Users on platforms such as Android, iOS and on the web. Messages can be sent to single devices, group of devices, based on specific topics or specific segments of Users.

    Depending on the permissions given to this Application, the data collected could include information on the precise location (e.g. through GPS data), on the Wi-Fi network and on the apps installed and activated by the User. To use the OneSignal service, this application uses identifiers for mobile devices (including Android Advertising ID or Advertising Identifier for OS) or hence technologies similar to cookies.

    The data collected may be used by the service provider for promotional purposes (based on the users preferences), statistics and market analysis. For more details about how OneSignal uses your data, please read the related privacy policy.

    Opt-out from push notifications
    In most cases, users will be able to deactivate push notifications by changing the settings of their device (e.g. in the Push Notifications section), making changes in relation to all or some of the apps.

    Opt-out from interest-based promotional activity
    Users can opt out of OneSignal’s promotional features by changing the settings of their device (e.g. in the adverting section). Different configurations of some devices, or the installation of some updates, could affect the above mentioned settings.

What are your rights?

Right of access:

You have the right to request information about your personal data in our possession at any time. You can contact TUTTESTETICA S.r.l, which will give you all your personal data by e-mail.

Portability right:

Whenever TUTTESTETICA Srl processes your personal data by automated means on the basis of your consent, or on the basis of an agreement, you have the right to obtain a copy of the transferred data, in a commonly used format, in a structured and electronically readable form. This includes only the personal data sent to us by the user.

Right of rectification:

You have the right to request the correction of your personal data should they be incorrect, including the right to request the completion of incomplete personal data. If you have an account on, you can change your personal information directly by logging into your account.

Cancellation right:

You have the right to cancel any personal data processed by TUTTESTETICA S.r.l at any time, except for the following situations:

* There is an open situation with Customer Service

* You have an ongoing order that has not been shipped yet, or has been only partially shipped

* You have an open debit with TUTTESTETICA S.r.l, regardless of the payment method

* You are suspected of, or have fraudulently used our services in the last four years

* The debt has been sold to third parties in the last three years or one year, in the event of the client’s death

* A request for credit has been sent in the last three months and has been rejected

* For any purchase made, we will keep your personal data relating to the transaction, in accordance with accounting rules

How can you assert your rights?

You can assert your rights at any time by sending:

  • A letter via recorded mail to TUTTESTETICA S.r.l., Via M. D’Azeglio, 19 – 40123 Bologna (BO), Italy
  • An e-mail to the e-mail address

Entity in charge of data protection:

The data controller is TUTTESTETICA S.r.l., Via M. D’Azeglio, 19 – 40123 Bologna (BO), Italy. The updated list of data processors and data controllers is kept at the registered office of the data controller itself.

Right to complaint with a competent supervisory authority:

If you believe that TUTTESTETICA S.r.l. treats your personal data incorrectly, you can contact us directly. You also have the right to file a complaint with a competent supervisory authority.

Updates to our Privacy Policy:

Updates to our Privacy Policy may be required. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy is always available on our website. You will be informed of any changes to the Privacy Policy, for example the purpose of processing personal data, the identity of the data controller or the rights of the users.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by the user send to his/her terminal – computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. – where they are stored before being re-transmitted to the same sites on the occasion of the next visit by the same user. By browsing this site, you will only receive cookies sent directly from our site. On this respect, and for the purpose of this provision, two macro-categories are therefore identified: “technical” cookies and “profiling” cookies. As far as cookies are concerned, the user is informed that only technical cookies called “analytics” are used in this site to statistically analyse visits to the site and technical navigation cookies or session cookies. They are exclusively for statistical purposes and collect information in aggregate form and in particular the analytics cookies used on this site are those of Google, based on javascript ga.js. The browsing or session cookies, on the other hand, allow the user easy navigation. The site acquires no personal data of the users in this regard.

We do not use cookies for the transmission of personal data.


The site uses Google Analytics to collect information about the users’ usage of its website. Google Analytics generates statistical and other information through cookies, stored on users’ computers. The information generated relating to our website is used to report on the usage of websites. Google will memorise and use this information. The Google Privacy Policy is available at the following address:



These cookies allow our website to store information that changes the behaviour or appearance of the site, such as your preferred language or the geographical area where you are located. The loss of information stored in a preferences cookie could make the experience on the website less functional but should not compromise its functioning. Most Google users have a preference cookie called “NID” in browsers. The browser sends this cookie with requests to Google sites. The NID cookie contains a unique ID that is used by Google to store your preferences and other information, such as your preferred language (for example English), the number of search results you want to be shown for each page (for example 10 or 20) and your preference to activate the Google SafeSearch filter.


The use of these cookies requires the express and informed consent of the user (article 122, paragraph 1, of the Act). The user, by accessing the Website Home Page, by seeing the information banner relating to the cookies contained therein and viewing the information provided, it provides its specific consent to the use of cookies. It is also considered a valid consent by the user to have configured their Internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) in order to accept the use of cookies (article 122, paragraph 2, of the Act). We use cookies, such as NID and SID cookies, to help personalise ads in Google properties, such as Google Search.

The main cookie for advertising on third-party sites is called “id” or “IDE” and is stored in browsers under the domain

Sometimes it is possible that a cookie is set for advertising on the domain of the site you are visiting. In the case of the DoubleClick product, a “__gads” cookie may be set on the site’s domain. Unlike cookies set on Google domains, this cookie cannot be read by Google when you visit other sites. It allows, for example, measuring interactions with ads on the domain.

Conversion cookies are not used by Google to target personalised ads and are kept for a limited period of time. The “Conversion” cookie is intended for this purpose and is generally set in the domain DoubleClick and Google Analytics cookies could also be used for this purpose.

Session status

The website collects information on how users interact with it. This information may be related to the mostly visited pages by the users and any error messages they receive from certain pages. We use these “session status cookies” to improve our services and the browsing experience of our users. Blocking or deleting these cookies will not render the website unusable. These cookies could also be used to measure the effectiveness of PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and affiliate advertising.

The use of Session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow safe and efficient browsing of the site. Session cookies used on this site avoid the use of other technologies that could compromise the privacy of users’ browsing and do not allow the acquisition of personal identification data.


In case you want to block cookies we remind you that this could have a negative impact on the usability of some websites. Most browsers allow you to refuse/accept cookies.

Set the usage specifications on this site: Cookies settings

Below is some practical information to disable cookies on the browser you are using.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Click on the ‘Tools’ icon in the top right corner and select ‘Internet Options’. In the pop up window select ‘Privacy’.

Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

Google Chrome

Click the wrench icon in the top right corner and select ‘Settings’. At this point select ‘Show advanced settings’ (“Under the hood'”) and change the settings of the ‘Privacy’.

Mozilla Firefox

From the drop-down menu in the top left corner, select ‘Options’. In the pop up window select ‘Privacy’. Here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.


From the drop down setting menu in the top right corner select ‘Preferences’. Select ‘Security’ and here you can adjust the settings of your cookies.

To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing, you can download the Browser Add-on to disable Google Analytics:

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