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PERFECTA Collection, always carry it with you! Ideal for treating the most common body skin concerns.

● FIRM-UP – 30 ml
Toning and shaping serum, stimulates the production of new Collagen fibers to restore the tone and firmness of a young and healthy skin.

● EXTREMA – 30 ml
Anti-cellulite reducing concentrate, stimulates the microcirculation guaranteeing a progressive improvement of the annoying “orange peel” effect.

● OCEAN MASK – 30 ml
Shaping body mask with hyperemizing action, fights cellulite, reduces localised fat areas and makes the skin toned and firm.

● CRIOGEL – 30 ml
Draining gel perfect to treat leg fatigue, it quickly removes tiredness from the legs and gives a wonderful feeling of well-being.

Treatment with a strong exfoliating and regenerating power, promotes cell renewal thanks to the high concentration of Vitamin C acting in synergy with smoothing salts.

Collection: PERFECTA SKU: D30902 SIZE: 150 ml
  • CATÉGORIE: Kit & Box Set

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Women today live a very hectic life and this leads them to split between multiple commitments and activities that absorb much of their time and energy.
However, the desire to keep themselves fit and in shape is increasingly present, despite adverse environmental and social factors such as sedentary lifestyle, stress, eating disorder and pollution. Love and being loved is crucial to live well with yourself.
Precisely for this reason DERMO28 created PERFECTA Collection, to effectively treat the main common blemishes of the body such as cellulite, loss of tone, capillary fragility and stretch marks.


Skin thickening and dehydration
Massage PERFECTA HOME THERAPY on dry skin over the entire body, then rinse with water.

Cellulite and localised fat
Apply EXTREMA morning and evening on the affected areas, massage until fully absorbed.
Apply OCEAN MASK once or twice a week onto the areas to be treated, cover with film and leave on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water.
After application, redness is to be considered normal in the treated areas.

Skin ageing and loss of tone
Apply FIRM-UP morning and evening on the affected areas, massage until fully absorbed.

Capillary fragility and heavy legs
Apply CRIOGEL morning and evening on the legs, massage until fully absorbed.

Stretch marks
Massage PERFECTA HOME THERAPY onto dry skin over the entire body, then rinse with water.
Afterwards, apply FIRM-UP on the areas to be treated and massage until fully absorbed.


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